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Franchino Giudicetti:

A hitherto unknown edition of the Rhaetia map by Fortunat Sprecher v. Bernegg and Philipp Klüwer

Cartographica Helvetica 5 (1992) 17–20


The author describes a 'new' state (in private collection) of the map Alpinae seu Foederatae Rhaetiae. The map was drawn by Fortunat Sprecher von Bernegg (1585–1647) and Philipp Klüwer (Cluverius) (1580–1623) and engraved by Geelkercken and Hattu. Details show that this is the first state of Geelkercken's second plate which was published in about 1620.

There is also a revised stemma of all variants known.

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