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Gerhard Kraack:

Discovery of an unknown map collection in Flensburg

Cartographica Helvetica 17 (1998) 20–24


The Landeszentralbibliothek Schleswig-Holstein is situated in Flensburg, the northern-most city of Germany. Its curators were baffled in 1989 when they moved the inventory of the old college library into their own archives. They discovered that it contained among other precious documents more than 1000 maps dating before 1850. The Flensburg college itself was founded in 1566 by the Franciscan monk Lütke Namens.

This collection will now be presented to the public in three books: The Flensburg Atlas Major (approx. 1715), the 'Jordtsche Kartensammlung' (approx. 1795) and one with special maps. The first volume has just been published and shows some very rare or up to now never referenced maps.

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