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Samuel Wyder:

The Maps of Schaffhausen by Heinrich Peyer (1621–1690)

Cartographica Helvetica 22 (2000) 21–30


Heinrich Peyer was an architect, a cartographer, an engineer for fortresses, and served in the artillery. The large painted map of the Canton of Schaffhausen at the scale 1:25,000 from 1684 was the highlight of his cartographic work. This map was used several times as a basis for copper engravings: for instance in 1685 by Felix Meyer and again in 1747 by Heinrich Albertin. In 1715 Johann Rudolf Frey produced a very exact copy at the scale 1:33,000 from it. The boundary atlas, a further work by Peyer, consists of 31 colored map sheets at the scale of approx. 1:8,800 to 1:11,500.

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