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Peter H. Meurer:

Sanson-Jaillot re-engravings by the publishing house Johann Hoffmann in Nuremberg

Cartographica Helvetica 35 (2007) 9–19


With the proof that Johann Hoffmann (1629–1698) lived in Nuremberg since 1655, the most productive map publisher in the German-speaking part of Europe before 1700 has yet to be rediscovered. He brought out a total of over 50 separate maps, about as many books illustrated with maps, and a panoply of publications related to the subject of maps in general. A special group of Hoffmann's map production are re-engravings of maps by the Parisian publisher Alexis-Hubert Jaillot, based on Guillaume Sanson. These re-engravings appeared in Nuremberg between 1674 and 1685 and are hardly mentioned in the literature.

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