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Kurt Brunner and Thomas Horst:

Munich on old maps

Cartographica Helvetica 42 (2010) 19–27


A survey of the representations of the Bavarian capital on old maps extends from its beginnings up to the 19th century. The oldest view of Munich originated from the 'Weltchronik' (world chronicle) by Hartmann Schedel, however, the city can also be found on early humanistic cartographic products (Cusanus maps, road maps by Erhard Etzlaub, regional maps of Bavaria). The first city map of Munich was produced by Tobias Volckmer the Younger in 1613, which exerted an influence on cartography up until the Age of Enlightenment, when the introduction of the Topographic Bureau advocated the production of maps based on a topographic survey. Exemplary is the successive change in the forms of representation, ranging from a sketch map, to a bird's-eye-view and finally to the modern city map as illustrated by the representations of Munich.

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